Graphic Design

Every crate from Loot Crate contains a variety of exciting pop culture items. One of my jobs as a graphic designer is to create digital ads that showcase all the items next to their crates for the Loot Crate website. This process involves a lot of clipping, masking, and color adjustment to make each digital display look as realistic as possible.

For every IP Loot Crate includes in a crate, digital marketing assets are created. These are designed to advertise the products on the Loot Crate website, social media, email, and sites where banner ads populate. Making these are like a puzzle. I’m provided with artwork and logos from the brands and decide how to piece everything together. I have a lot of fun doing these!

An effective way to advertise products is to create gifs that show off all the cool features and engage the viewer. These gifs are posted on Loot Crate’s social media and on the official website.

Using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, I have designed packaging for products sold by Loot Crate. It involves using a dieline and following brand style guides.

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